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BOOK Ô É Larry Niven They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates heading from Saturn directly toward Earth Since the ringed planet carries no life scientists deduce the mysterious ship to b In the vast reaches of the immeasurable cosmos a tiny dot is traveling at immense speed in the background of the flickering lights seen from the oblivious distant Earth the unimaginable is arriving a small unimportant looking object first not recognized by the people of the third planet the preoccupied astronomers for what it is orbiting an average star called Sol Aliens at last are coming we are not is it good or bad who knows Alonethe destination is our world unprepared divided full of great hate towards one another almost helpless nevertheless an enormous struggle for survival ensues millions will perish the blue planet will never be the sameThey call themselves these strangers from a nearby dying star system a few light years away The FITHP led by wily Herdmaster Pastempeh keph resemblingfantastic baby elephants with two snouts henceforth the Earthlings speak of them disparagingly as Snouts their spaceship is not small either but huge a mile long carrying many thousands of aliens and tons of euipment in their long endless journey with generations living and dying in this gigantic almighty craft the callous aliens have come to conuerorDestroying a Soviet space station written in 1985 welcoming them they are not amused President David Coffey of the United States flees Washington goes deep underground to Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs Colorado Maybe he'll be safe there as the aliens hurl down a big asteroid others will fellow hitting the Indian Ocean a tremendous splash occurs a colossal tidal wave forms crushing the people living near the coast now dying there by the sea India disappears other nations go dark no lights no humans left the invaders land in Kansas the local National Guard fights bravely soon the USArmy intervenes but to no avail these creatures from another world have too much unknown arms with superior technology which devastates the land structures roads homes dams that give us electricity refineries make precious gasoline especially now and the all important crops feed the country the famous wheat fields gone the slaughter smell destruction cannot be visualized or comprehendedStill the Earth will not give up no matter how feeble their efforts seem to save civilization the long upwards climb from the mud to hopefully in the future the stars will not be denied without an enormous resistance the history of humanity shows this A splendid story exciting with enough plot for a score of novels one of the best alien invader books ever written for readers that enjoy this type of entertainment they will not be disappointedI wasn't

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MOBI à DOC Footfall 9780345418425 Ø LARRY NIVEN Ø ☆ Footfall PDF / Epub ✩ Author Larry Niven – They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates heading from Saturn directly toward Earth Since the ringed planet carries no life scientists deduce the mysterious ship to E a visitor from another starThe world's frantic efforts to signal the aliens go unanswered The first contact is hostile the invaders blast a Soviet space station seize the survivors an Bad baby elephants in SpaaceI still think this is the best alien invasion story I've ever read Granted it's hard to write a sensible invasion story given thata it's hard to think of a reason for rational aliens to invade andb if they did they should win overwhelmingly See rifles vs spearsBut it makes a great story and NP have given probably as reasonable a backstory as anyone could As an example of high level page turner storytelling Footfall still rings my chimes I've read it at least three times plus the last time I picked it up some years back to jog my memory about something I got sucked in again and spent the afternoon rereading the good parts Orion will Rise all right Footfall is dragged down a bit by dated political background the USSR is alive and well in the book and is portrayed as considerably stronger and healthier than it actually was in 1985 I'd skim over the Russian scenes; in fact the book is pretty slow moving until the aliens arrive so a uick skim of most of this early scene setting material is all you needAnd make no mistake once the action starts you'll have no further complaints Good stuff folks 45 stars

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FootfallD then destroy every dam and installation on Earth with a hail of asteriods Now the conuerors are descending on the American heartland demanding servile surrender or death for all human Elephant like aliens attack Earth Plucky Earthlings fight back It's actually not at all bad if you like that kind of thingThis book was described somewhere as a rich tapestry I recently read 99 Ways To Tell A Story which has a witty page telling the story using the conventions of the Bayeux Tapestry and I suddenly saw Footfall retold in the same wayI think it would work uite well To start off with in a tapestry you expect all the characters to be two dimensional What else would they be And I would so like to see some of the episodes rerendered à la Bayeux with Latin subtitles For example Aliens Dump Meteorite Into Indian Ocean Humans Build Atom Bomb Powered Spacecraft And Attack Alien Mother Ship and the one which I for some reason thought of first Heroic Ecologist Kills Scummy Journalist And Buries Him In His Compost Heap Come on there must be a suitably crazy graphic artist out there who wants to do it