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Written in but not published until a year after Kafka’s death The Trial is the terrifying tale of Josef K a respectable bank officer who is suddenly and It is not necessary to accept everything as true one must only accept it as necessaryNothing speaks a profound truth than a pristine metaphorFunny us worming through the world ascribing meaning logic and order to the dumb blind forces of void It’s all one can do to maintain sanity in the absurd reality of existence but what is it worth Are we trees in gale force winds fighting back with fists we do not possess Is life the love of a cold cruel former lover bating us on while only concerned with themselves What use is logic in an illogical prison where the opinion of the masses reigns supreme Franz Kafka’s The Trial is the world we all live in unlocked through layers of allegory to expose the beast hidden from plain sight On the surface it is an exuisite examination of bureaucracy and bourgeoisie with a Law system so complex and far reaching that even key members are unable to unravel it’s complicated clockwork However this story of a trial—one that never occurs other than an arrest and a solitary conference that goes nowhere—over an unmentioned crime serves as a brutal allegory for our existence within a judgemental societal paradigm under the watch of a God who dishes out hellfire to the guilty This is a world where man’s noose is only a doorway The Trial is not for the faint of heart or fragile psyche yet while the bleakness is laid on thick it is also permeated with a marvelous sense of humor and a fluid prose that keeps the pages flipping and the reading hours pushing forward towards dawn This is a dark comedy of the human comedy full of the freeing chortles of gallow humor Kafka’s nightmarish vision is the heartbeat of our own existence chronicling the frustrations of futility when applying logic to the reality of the absurd yet factual nature of life Someone must have slandered Josef K for one morning without having done anything wrong he was arrestedThis memorable opening line is the perfect establishing shot for Kafka’s and Joseph K’s world One can be sure of their innocence yet fall to the blade all the same The most startling and accurate portrayal of mankind is found when K goes to visit the painter in the slums and finds a disgusting steaming yellow fluid poured forth before which a rat fled into the nearby sewer At the bottom of the steps a small child was lying face down on the ground crying but it could hardly be heard above the noise coming from a sheet metal shop We humanity are prostrate and bawling in a toxic wasteland unloved and ignored by the absent parents Not even passersby stop to help the child or are even away for the noise of industry drowns it out This is a world where corporations are ‘people’ and actual lives are thrown to the gutter for ‘the good of the company’ where soulless abstract money making concepts are given a higher priority than our own shared flesh and blood The worst part is that we accept this We tow the party line we uphold something meaningless and only given power by our collective acceptance ‘ You may object that it is not a trial at all’ says K to the courtroom ‘ you are uite right for it is only a trial if I recognize it as such’ These are not political opinions I am presenting just the fact that much of our society economy and political structure exists only because we recognize it as so and prescribe meaning to something inherently meaningless Children such as the child crying in a pool of yellow filth are a key motif in the novel Their parents are never apparent and they run like wild animals The gaggle of young girls outside the painters apartment perfectly reflect the wild masses of ignorance defying respect for pr

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Der ProzessInexplicably arrested and must defend himself against a charge about which he can get no information Whether read as an existential tale a parable or a pr This book haunts me I can’t stop thinking about it because I have uestions uestions and uestions; I have so many unanswered uestions that I will never know the answer to and it’s slowly killing meWhat is the trial Is K actually guilty or is he innocent Is this novel a nightmare seuence or a paranormal encountering Why are so many characters never heard from again And who is that mysterious figure at the end of the novel that witnesses K's fate There are just so many uestions but no damned answersThis is frustrating so frustrating The novel leaves the reader with an overwhelming sense of perplexity There is no definitive explanation as to what has actually happened; there is no logical sense of the events But then K doesn’t know either; he is just as confused by the strange happenings as the reader The events are completely unexplainable and unfathomable; thus Kafka’s trial will stay with the me for the rest of my life as I ponder this bizarre novel again and again There are no answersK wakes up on the morning of his thirtieth birthday; he goes outside his room and finds several men eating his breakfast He is informed he is under arrest; the men don’t tell him why; they leave and he is able to go about his daily life although he must attend court next week They give him a location but no time He arrives; he is accused for something they don’t inform him of He storms out of the room and is hounded by the situation ever since He attempts to prove his innocence but what he is innocent of he doesn’t know A year later on his thirtieth birthdayview spoiler two men arrive and sentence him; he is taken to a uarry and murdered hide spoiler

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Download Der Prozess Doc ☆ 255 pages Ü [Ebook] ➯ Der Prozess ➮ Franz Kafka – Written in 1914 but not published until 1925 a year after Kafka’s death The Trial is the terrifying tale of Josef K a respectable bank officer who is suddenly and inexplicably arrested and must defe Written in but nOphecy of the excesses of modern bureaucracy wedded to the madness of totalitarianism The Trial has resonated with chilling truth for generations of reader A mind is like a parachute It doesn’t work if it isn’t open —Franz KafkaSomeone must have been telling lies about Josef K he knew he had done nothing wrong but one morning he was arrestedThis famous opening line becomes yet intriguing as it pitches us directly into a scene whereby the first two protagonists are granted a degree of anonymity by the author as he seeks to lure us into his philosophical daydreamK is clearly under house arrest but his perplexing captors aren’t at liberty to tell him if he has been arrested Who are they K wonders They look as if they might be policemen but neither he nor the reader can be certain They could be pranksters for all he knows Even the country he lives in isn’t name checkedSo many unanswered uestionsWho is heWho are theyWhy has he been arrestedWhere are weDoes time have a beginning or an endWhy did the chicken cross the road This my fine bibliophilic friends is an enigma burritoed in a paradox There is something farcical about the situation he finds himself in; the ensuing cockeyed exchange of dialogue was almost Monty PythonesueI shall paraphrase apologies to Mr KafkaTake me to your superiorHe will see you as soon as he wants to see youWho are youWe’re free you’re not and you’re going to be put on trialOn trial for whatRemarkable bird the Norwegian Blue isn’t it eh Beautiful plumageThe absurdity continuesThere follows a kangaroo court and the comically surreal appearance of a whip man whose job it is to give people a damn good flogging I don’t know if I was meant to be outraged but I found it really funny there’s something wrong with me I’m sure of itKafka uses existentialism like Banksy uses a spray can K is trying to remain rational while the world around him has become irrational something most of us have experienced at some stage in our livesAs is also the case with Orwell’s 1984 this book hints at the totalitarian regimes that were likely to followI don’t profess to understand much of what Kafka hoped to symbolise in this allegorical mystery I suspect he didn’t want anyone to unlock all of its secrets anyway and one gets the feeling that he deliberately leads us into a literary cul de sac of his own choosingThe blurb describes the book as being ‘terrifying’ and ‘chilling’ I found it to be neitherIf anything I found it rather drollLet me explain myself thusI have a lugubrious friend His name is Mark Mark is so overly pessimistic and melancholic that he creases me up with laughter Then when he asks me what it is that’s so funny with that glum look on his face I crack up even He’s a hoot and so is this bookI thoroughly enjoyed being trapped in Franz Kafka’s web and I must revisit Metamorphosis his crowning achievementI read it years ago when I was too young to properly ‘get’ it Not that I’m likely to totally understand it even now