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Download Alas Babylon Doc î 323 pages Ó Johnscyclingdiary î [Epub] ❤ Alas Babylon Author Pat Frank – Alas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civilization are stripped away overnight and tens ofAlas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civ This book was published in 1959 and it feels like it every step of the way The plot is compelling enough but the writing is incredibly wooden I actually laughed out loud at some of the passages and not in a nice way The author drags us through 100 pages of rising action which is annoying because it adds nothing to the plot and we all know the bomb is going to hit before we even read the blurb on the back cover The racism and sexism are also pretty terrible Even after the freakin' nuclear holocaust the Negroes are doing all the housework When the electricity goes out and they need to cook all the meat in the freezer they can't decide whether to throw a mixed party People The world just ended and you can't decide whether or not to let black people come to your BB Also this The he learned about women the there was to learn except that he had learned this they needed a man around First of all find a synonym for learn please Second this was after the aforesaid male practically threw up at the sight of blood ran out of the room and one of the women had to take care of the injury We may need you buddy after all no electricity for vibrators in this grim future but you need us too If you're thinking of reading this book check out The Road instead Same idea but the execution is about 1000x superior

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Ilization are stripped away overnight and tens of millions of people are killed instantly But for one small town in Florida “Terrified at her torment they will stand off and cry ‘Woe Woe to you great city you mighty city of Babylon In one hour your doom has come’” The Book of Revelation 1810“Yesterday was a past period in history with laws and rules archaic as ancient Rome’s Today the rules had changed just as Roman law gave way to atavistic barbarism as the empire fell to Hun and Goth Today a man saved himself and his family and to hell with everyone else” Pat Frank Alas Babylon“We can’t do this Every man for himself is not going to workIf we can’t live together we’re going to die alone” Matthew Fox as Jack Shepherd Lost Season 1 Episode 5When I picked up Pat Frank’s Alas Babylon I didn't have super high hopes for its uality It was curiosity mostly that led me to it The novel published in 1959 tells the story of the Florida town of Fort Repose which is spared a direct hit during a nuclear war and must then survive the aftermath Fans of the short lived television series Jericho will find this setting familiar As someone with an interest in the Cold War as well as nuclear arms and strategy Alas Babylon promised to provide some insights into the contemporary thoughts and fears of people living through that period It’s one thing to read a nonfiction volume on the evolving atomic arsenals strategies and diplomatic brinkmanship of the United States and Soviet Union It’s another thing entirely to see how those realities manifest themselves within ordinary citizens otherwise powerless and forgotten against a vast geopolitical backdrop Maybe it was the managed expectations but I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked it and on how many levels Roughly the first hundred pages of Alas Babylon are devoted to the lead up to war which I found fascinating I’ve read my share of nuclear war novels and many of them skip this part entirely Books such as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road or William Brinkley’s The Last Ship focus almost entirely on the aftermath of war referring to precipitating incidents only elliptically if at all Frank uses a different tactic He shows us life in small Fort Repose introducing us to a handful of characters we will get to know under duress Meanwhile he occasionally breaks away to the Mediterranean or Strategic Air Command to give us fleeting images of the rising tension between the US and USSR It’s arguable I suppose whether Frank needed to devote nearly one third of this relatively short novel just 316 pages to setting up a war we know is going to happen I don’t agree with that position There is a difference as Hitchcock would agree between surprise and suspense No the outbreak of nuclear war is not a surprise However there is still suspense to be had even though we know what’s coming Frank does a good job of presenting the creeping dread that must have been palpable during events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis still in the future when this was published He demonstrates how helpless people must have felt in the face of such a catastrophe Like many people I have control issues Can you imagine the desperation you’d feel if men you’d never met in locations you’d never been for reasons entirely unknown to you were making decisions that might end the world Frank imagines it and it’s effective Once the bombs start falling and the missiles flying the central character a military veteran named Randolph Bragg has a back row seat to the end times it should go without saying that those with a front row seat were incinerated A stark white flash enveloped their world Randy felt the heat on his neck Peyton Randy’niece cried out and covered her face with her hands In the southwest in the direction of Tampa St Petersburg and Sarasota another unnatural sun was born much larger and infinitely fiercer than the sun in the eastA thick red pillar erected itself in the southwest its base the unnatural sun The top of the pillar billowed outward This time the mushroom was there There was no sound except Peyton’s whimpering Her fists were pressed into her eyes A bird plunged against the screen and dropped to earth trailed by drifting feathers Within the pillar and the cloud fantastic colors played Red changed to orange glowed white became red again Green and purple ropes twisted upward through the pillar and spread tentacles through the cloud The gaudy mushroom enlarged with incredible speed angry poisonous malignant It grew until the mushroom’s rim looked like the leading edge of an approaching weather front black purple orange green a cancerous man created line suallAfter the attack Frank writes “civilization in Fort Repose retreated a hundred years” When nuclear fireballs crisped Orlando and the power plants serving Timucuan County refrigeration stopped along with electric cooking The oil furnaces sparked by electricity died All radios were useless unless battery powered or in automobiles Washing machines dryers dishwashers fryers toasters roasters vacuum cleaners shavers heaters beaters – all stopped So did the electric clocks vibrating chairs electric blankets irons for pressing clothes curlers for hair The electric pumps stopped and when the pumps stopped the water stopped and when the water stopped the bathrooms ceased functioningFrom there Alas Babylon takes on the form of something very familiar and timeless It is tale of survival and adventure The Swiss Family Robinson mixed with elements of Fallout and The Walking Dead though lacking any mutants or zombies Randy and the people around him among them his sister in law; her kids; a doctor; a retired admiral must find a safe water supply stockpile food trade supplies and protect themselves from the human wolves traveling over a ravaged countryside Alas Babylon works splendidly on this level Ordinary people have to band together Problems need to be solved Society has to be reordered Courage must be found Hope must be maintained Whether you set this story in a post Armageddon township or a deserted island or an island you think is deserted but actually is not there is plenty of drama to be found As I mentioned above Alas Babylon has other levels Most obviously it operates as what the sci fi author David Brin has called a “self preventing prophecy” Like Nevil Shute’s On the Beach and Eugene Burdick’s Fail Safe Frank’s purpose in writing this was to warn people He wanted to get the attention of the masses and by extension the attention of their elected officials It is pretty neat with the hindsight that comes from the world not ending in the fires of a thousand suns to catch a glimpse of the 1959 mindset For instance Frank is uite concerned with the so called “missile gap” that John Kennedy trumpeted on his way to the White House We know now that this gap did not exist But knowing this after the fact does not change how it must have felt at the time to believe it did Frank unwittingly captures that Alas Babylon is a product of its time in ways that go beyond its knowledge of Civil Defense preparations and the shortcomings of the Conelrad emergency broadcasting system It is set in the South five years after Brown vs the Board of Education so its racial views are a bit complicated Certain of the characters express abhorrent views and use abhorrent language that was typical of the time and place I say this without meaning to imply that this has magically disappeared from the world To Frank’s credit Randy is not an out and out white supremacist He is described as abiding by the Supreme Court decision in Brown so at the least he is not a segregationist He has black neighbors who play prominent roles in the story They are stereotyped to be sure but most of the characters are stereotyped to an extent taking on the shorthand roles we expect from this type of tale eg the virtuous doctor the spunky kid the selfish hoarder There is also a strain of paternalism running through the novel There are several female characters some of whom are relatively well rounded to be fair this is not a character study; with the exception of Randy no one is plumbed for depth However there is than one occasion where a character muses how the womenfolk would survive without their men The tone of Alas Babylon is one of grim hopefulness that stands in contrast to the fatalism of The Road or On the Beach The stark realities of a ruined world are made visible it is terrifying how uickly they run out of booze but Frank’s characters seldom lose heart He presents the classic tableau where the worst of mankind is balanced by the best of mankind; where man’s ingenuity for destruction is matched by an ingenuity for rebuilding There are themes to touch on elements to discuss but in the end strange to say Alas Babylon works because it is fun to read There is something fundamentally enjoyable about watching disparate men and women come together under unimaginable stress to solve problems They are in a sense MacGyver ing a new country for themselves with shoe strings paper clips and elbow grease In the face of an unimaginable horror they must discover new sources of sustenance heal themselves without modern medicines and perhaps most importantly find a way to distill their own liuor

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Alas BabylonMiraculously spared the struggle is just beginning as men and women of all backgrounds join together to confront the darknes This post apocalyptic cautionary tale was published in 1959 in the post Sputnik pre Cuban Blockade era when many Americans suspected we might be losing the Cold War arms race and that a nuclear holocaust was inevitable Author Frank was interested in exploring not only the no win outcome of a atomic war but also the utter lack of preparedness for such an event by the government and the general population There's not much in the way of character arcs or even a solid plot other than daily survival in the collapse of civilization as we know it but the story has staying power permeating and influencing many cultural touchstones in even today's media hint The Walking Dead