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PDF ✓ BOOK Make Room Make Room à ❮Download❯ ➾ Make Room Make Room ➼ Author Harry Harrison – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk First published in 1966 Harrison's novel of an overpopulated urban jungle a divided class system—operating within an atmosphere of riots food shortages and senseless acts of violence—and a desFirst published in Harrison's novel of an overpopulated urban jungle a Make Room Epubdivided clas McDonald's springs to mind👍🐯Monsanto too

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D a desperate hunt for the truth by a cynical NYC detective tells a classic tale of a dark future A great book depressingly enjoyable It's amazing but I don't think i have ever read this book before So when it came up as a Group Read for the Apocalypse Whenever group I voted for it and bought a kindle copy One of the best decisions i've madeIt is set during 1999 in New York and proceeds all the way to the millennium Now obviously it is 19 years past that date and so it is interesting to see what Harry got right and boy was it a lot That said some of the future as portrayed by Harry is an over exaggerated view of what occurredPopulation out of control horrendous pollution over use of all the Earth's natural resources are just some of the issues facing the Earth and especially the citizens of NY in this novel Into this add a police force that is severely understaffed and over stretched A police force that might spend only a few hours on each of the numerous murders that occur on a daily basis That is until a fixer and supplier for some very wealthy people is murdered Then pressure is brought to bear on the police force to solve this case uickly and not to just let it go Add into the mix a beautiful girl an old man with memories of pre problem days a loyal and trustworthy bodyguard a group of demonstrators known as the Eldsters that'd be me 😬 some religious nuts thinking the end is nigh and a young boy on the runA great story depressing but enjoyable in the fact it is wonderfully written

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Make Room Make RoomS system operating within an atmosphere of riots food shortages and senseless acts of violence an If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewMalthus Make Room Make Room by Harry HarrisonOriginal Review 1980 08 19Pournelle's virulently infectious optimism is severely misplaced Other people have already pointed out that his strategy involves the probable abandonment of Earth and the bulk of its population what the hell they're just gooks anyway; I'll just add that even RAH 2018 EDIT Heinlein saw this approx 30 years ago in FARMER IN THE SKY a character acknowledges that even with the huge ships in use they can't possibly take off than a fraction of the population increase or absorb it in a colonial world; they're simply hoping to have some racial survival after Earth is ruined